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Thinking Qualitatively

I tend to think about things quantitatively.

 I sit down at the start of the day, think ‘what should I do today?’, and then write a long list.


All this to ‘stay in the game’ for the modern-day working man. I’ve tried this mindset: it’s mostly unworkable and it takes the fun away.

If I’m honest it does feel a bit like achieving a lot of very little. Mind you, don’t we all like telling people how much we’ve done today: ‘Oh, I did x,y and z’etc. ‘Aren’t I achieving?’ reads the subtext.

As my photo asks: are we simply spending free time or investing it?

Instead, I am just trying to do one important thing a day, doing it well with a degree of quality. Isn’t that the ‘qualitative’ mindset: to give meaning and value about what’s going on in people’s heads?

Perhaps qualitative research is even about developing a small idea very, very well.

So, I’m sodding the rest of my checklist. It’ll sort itself out.