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Future of Qualitative Recruitment


We’re a bit concerned at work. We’re worried about recruiters. You know, those amazing people who find respondents for our qualitative research groups.
I am thinking we have undervalued the importance of recruiters who will be heading the way of the Dodo.
The numbers are currently dwindling and in the not too distant future the best of recruiters will be nearing retirement with little talent to follow. 
In recruiting new talent, there currently aren’t sufficient enough training resources and recruiting bodies for them.
It seems an unattractive career too:
Limited job prospects
Job uncertainty being a freelancer
Bizarre strict samples to recruit from
All within short-recruitment time frames. 
With no face to face recruitment recruiting will done by cold calling from often unreliable lists like they do in the USA. You don’t really know if you’re interviewing the right people.
Good recruitment is vital to the future of research. Well-recruited respondents mean better insights. I am concerned a cornerstone of our research industry could be crumbling without us really noticing.

R-Net in July

R-Net’s last meeting for young reserachers happened last night in the swanky champagne bar of The International on the corner of St. Martin’s Lane.

Good conversations were had by all (I am sure) helped by the free booze and excellent hosting by John and Chris.

I learnt a few things too:

1. What ‘long tail’ marketing/economics was about

2. There is at least one fan of  Orange’s I am everyone campaign

3. Nobody knows how to set up a blog (see next post on Monday)

4. Nantes is nowhere near Lyon.


 I am also smiling a lot today because I won this magnum of champagne which is sitting proudly (stillunopened) by my kitchen sink. No, I didn’t wake up on a park bench this morning clutching an empty champagne bottle as a few of you thought.

Feel free to leave a few comments on how it went or what you thought too or even on the quality of my photography.

Till next time and hoping there’ll still be a few more raffles.

Small and Big Fish



Recently, I was thinking off my Uncle’s words to me years back: “this world’s full of small and big fish. You start as a small fish in a big pond and end up as a big fish in a small pond”.


With fish on the brain, it got me thinking about my first post and I thought I’d start with this: ‘how should a qualitative researcher develop into a big fish?’


The answer to this of course is that I don’t really know and I doubt there is any ‘set’ route; but I did want to have a stab though and am interested what others think. 


So, I thought a temple analogy would be a place to start.


Here is one (the National Portrait Galley using my new Viewty LG phone camera – very good by the way):



National Portrait Gallery




I see us all starting out as ‘pillars’, building a secure foundation. These ‘pillars’ being learning the Discussion Guide, Project Management, Sample design, briefing fieldwork, moderating, analysis etc. That is, the more ‘tactical’, core elements:


We start as pillars


Next I would say are designing projects, proposal writing, and developing insights, that lie up here:


Then we are triangles


Finally, Strategy, Consultancy and Thought-Leadership that I see as the final ‘state’ at the peak of the temple. It’s where the gold at the end of the rainbow lies, where the enlightened, qualitative sage sits, here:


The Enlightened place

(Please excuse the not-so-enlightened graphics!)


My opinion is whether you are a ‘pillar’, a ‘triangle’ or an ‘enlightened one’, personal thinking and conversation should happen about every level at every level. It is important for junior figures to not shy away and discuss and debate all areas openely just as the more established industry figures do (even if we get it a little bit not-so-right at first).


I am a big fan of the likes of Russell Davies and Adliterate blogs. I hope that a few interested, happy go-lucky juniors can start to blog too with as great frequency and currency as they do.


I have recently joined MRS’s R-Net for younger members; next meeting is the 24th July. May see a few young ‘fish’ there.