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R-Net in July

R-Net’s last meeting for young reserachers happened last night in the swanky champagne bar of The International on the corner of St. Martin’s Lane.

Good conversations were had by all (I am sure) helped by the free booze and excellent hosting by John and Chris.

I learnt a few things too:

1. What ‘long tail’ marketing/economics was about

2. There is at least one fan of  Orange’s I am everyone campaign

3. Nobody knows how to set up a blog (see next post on Monday)

4. Nantes is nowhere near Lyon.


 I am also smiling a lot today because I won this magnum of champagne which is sitting proudly (stillunopened) by my kitchen sink. No, I didn’t wake up on a park bench this morning clutching an empty champagne bottle as a few of you thought.

Feel free to leave a few comments on how it went or what you thought too or even on the quality of my photography.

Till next time and hoping there’ll still be a few more raffles.