Recession SOS

Recession, recession, recession.

You can’t escape the media’s doom and gloom. The economy’s going to pot so lets all make a rush on the bank before it’s to late etc.

I notice fuel and food’s but not much else. Work’s bringing in business and my bank account’s looking the same. It’s more of a pinch than a crunch but not yet a recession.

Doing reserach around the country, it seems other people and businesses are feeling it to varying degrees depending on where you live and what job you’re doing.

So, this is an (or a?) SOS to ask you for some of your stories.

(Say as much as little as you feel comfortable – your comments are just for this blog and it’s not a ruse for any ‘hidden research project!).

Perhaps it’s all just hype or perhaps you are being crunched and ‘recessed’ at home and at work…


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