Recession SOS

Recession, recession, recession.

You can’t escape the media’s doom and gloom. The economy’s going to pot so lets all make a rush on the bank before it’s to late etc.

I notice fuel and food’s but not much else. Work’s bringing in business and my bank account’s looking the same. It’s more of a pinch than a crunch but not yet a recession.

Doing reserach around the country, it seems other people and businesses are feeling it to varying degrees depending on where you live and what job you’re doing.

So, this is an (or a?) SOS to ask you for some of your stories.

(Say as much as little as you feel comfortable – your comments are just for this blog and it’s not a ruse for any ‘hidden research project!).

Perhaps it’s all just hype or perhaps you are being crunched and ‘recessed’ at home and at work…


Food ‘fore Thought

Future of Qualitative Recruitment


We’re a bit concerned at work. We’re worried about recruiters. You know, those amazing people who find respondents for our qualitative research groups.
I am thinking we have undervalued the importance of recruiters who will be heading the way of the Dodo.
The numbers are currently dwindling and in the not too distant future the best of recruiters will be nearing retirement with little talent to follow. 
In recruiting new talent, there currently aren’t sufficient enough training resources and recruiting bodies for them.
It seems an unattractive career too:
Limited job prospects
Job uncertainty being a freelancer
Bizarre strict samples to recruit from
All within short-recruitment time frames. 
With no face to face recruitment recruiting will done by cold calling from often unreliable lists like they do in the USA. You don’t really know if you’re interviewing the right people.
Good recruitment is vital to the future of research. Well-recruited respondents mean better insights. I am concerned a cornerstone of our research industry could be crumbling without us really noticing.


I went to the researh 2.0 conference on Tuesday and wanted to find out what online research could do better than offline.

It seems that it’s down to cost and time; however, I am still of the opinion that face-to-face methodologies (for the sake of qual research) will always provide better, sharper and more useful insights than offline.

It has an inherent than online can never have: you are talking to somebody in the flesh. You have a human dialogue, you can see who they are, assess all the non-verbal cues and draw out more of an emotional truth from what you’re being told.

I do think face-to-face has to change though to keep up with the competition. How groups are run need to be rethought because they have become stayed and done because they’ve always been done. I like the more deliberative, workshop styles and any opportunity of spending more time with a respondent even if it means a smaller sample.

Times are a changin’ but I don’t want to jump on the online bandwagon quite yet. I may have been proven wrong in a few years but it’s better to stand for something you believe in than sit on the fence, hey?!


Wrote this post on my company’s blog. I’m posting the link here to raise awareness of what seems to be an exciting new network:

I’m off there tomorrow, so I’ll drop a post to let you know how it goes.

R-Net in July

R-Net’s last meeting for young reserachers happened last night in the swanky champagne bar of The International on the corner of St. Martin’s Lane.

Good conversations were had by all (I am sure) helped by the free booze and excellent hosting by John and Chris.

I learnt a few things too:

1. What ‘long tail’ marketing/economics was about

2. There is at least one fan of  Orange’s I am everyone campaign

3. Nobody knows how to set up a blog (see next post on Monday)

4. Nantes is nowhere near Lyon.


 I am also smiling a lot today because I won this magnum of champagne which is sitting proudly (stillunopened) by my kitchen sink. No, I didn’t wake up on a park bench this morning clutching an empty champagne bottle as a few of you thought.

Feel free to leave a few comments on how it went or what you thought too or even on the quality of my photography.

Till next time and hoping there’ll still be a few more raffles.

Big Rates

So what’s Halifax’s saver rate again?